Peragon Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover: What’s The Best Option for You?

An essential addition to your pickup is a cargo cover if you frequently travel long distances. However, there are many other brands and kinds of tonneau caps available on the market right now, all at reasonable costs.

Peragon Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover are two well-liked premium folding hard tonneau cases that we are contrasting to see which is the superior option for your needs.

Key Difference between Peragon Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover: 

Peragon Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover Peragon Tonneau Cover Bakflip Tonneau Cover
Security Function System of independent locks with a deadbolt key lock.  The tailgate seal has two actions. clamps, bolts, and caps for rail ends.
Design Flipping-up style. Finish coated with powder.  Designing folding. Durable with a high-gloss aluminum finish matte surface. 
Building & Construction Aircraft-grade aluminum frames with CNC punched build panel core.14 gauge 5052-H32 aluminum. Aircraft-grade aluminum frames with high-density EPS panel core. UV & scratch resistant. 
Weight  300 lbs evenly distributed.  400 lbs evenly distributed.
Profile Sticks ¾” above bed rails.  No-profile. 
Flexibility Quick-release in 30 seconds Can be closed with the tailgate up or down. 
Weather Protection EPDM seals with a water drainage system. EPDM seals with a water drainage system.Security & weather protection for small cargo. 
Availability Lincoln, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Toyota, and Honda.  Toyota, Honda, Jeep, Nissan, GMC, Ford, and Jeep.
Installation 2-3 hours installation. 45 minutes to 1 hour installation. 
Customization Retractable panels that resemble an accordion. Includes the particular truck model, colors, and design. Comes with precise colors, design, and truck model. Nearly complete bed access for moving big loads. 
Warranty Classic: 1 year

Platinum: 3 years

Limited HD: 5 years

G2: 2 years

MX4: 3-5 years price

Price Range $1000 – $1600 $900 – $1200

1. The main differences between Peragon Tonneau Cover and Bakflip Tonneau Cover 

Peragon Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover
Peragon Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover (Source: Internet)

Both the Peragon and the BAKFlip Tonneau Covers share several characteristics and advantages. Some similarities between the two brands are as follows:

  • Durability: The Peragon and BAKFlip cargo covers have a reputation for being built to last. They are often constructed from premium materials, including aluminum, to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Weather Resistance: To shield your truck’s cargo and trunk from the elements, both the Peragon and BAKFlip crate coverings have weatherproof features. These attributes could include drain hoses, rubber gaskets, and water-resistant materials.
  • Security: Security is a priority for both manufacturers’ crate lid security measures. They frequently come with locking systems that offer additional security for your truck and its load, providing you peace of mind when you leave your vehicle alone.

But there are several noteworthy differences between the Peragon Tonneau Cover and the Bakflip Tonneau Cover.

Building & Construction:

Peragon’s panel core is composed of 14 gauge 5052-H32 aluminum even though both are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The Peragon panel core’s construction offers increased durability and a longer lifespan. Its construction also excludes vinyl, plastic, and foam. 

On the other hand, Bakflip’s panel materials range from heavy-duty aluminum top panels and alloy materials to fiberglass-reinforced polymer top panels. These panel core materials provide defense against scratches, dents, UV rays, and scuffing. 

A precise lock aligning with your truck bed is guaranteed by Peragon’s CNC-punched panel core. High-density EPS panel core from Bakflip is ideal for heavy use and lasts longer than Peragon. 

Conclusion: Peragon and Bakflip are tied because both of them provide good durability and longevity. 


The customization features you choose to add will affect the cost of a tonneau cover. Accordingly, the cost of Peragon varies from $1000 to $1600 depending on your preferred features. 

Peragon Model


Peragon Classic

Peragon LimitedHD


Peragon Platinum


On the other hand, depending on the model, Bakflip will set you back anything between $900 and $1200. Therefore, if the price is a concern, choose Bakflip because it will be worthwhile in the end. 

Bakflip Model


Bakflip MX4


Bakflip G2


Conclusion: Due to Bakflip’s lower pricing and similar characteristics to Peragon, it beats out Peragon in this comparison. 

Specs, Weight, and Profile:

Peragon features a low-profile design with a powder-coated finish. Bakflip, on the other hand, provides a robust matte surface for the MX4 model and a high-gloss aluminum finish for the G2. 

Peragon offers 300 lbs of weight when spread evenly, while Bakflip offers up to 400 lbs of weight. Peragon sticks 34″ above the bed rails due to no profile customization for Bakflip that won’t poke out the bed rails. 

Conclusion: Peragon and Bakflip are tied since both offer intriguing designs, weights, and profiles. 


A two-year warranty is available for the Bakflip G2, while a three- to five-year warranty is available for the MX4. However, depending on the model, Peragon also provides warranties lasting up to five years. A 100-day money-back guarantee is another feature provided by Peragon.

The warranty for Peragon Classic is one year.

The warranty for Peragon Platinum is three years. 

The warranty for Peragon LimitedHD is five years. 

Conclusion: The outcome is a tie between Peragon and Bakflip once more because both are suitable for heavy-duty, long-term use.

Customization & Installation

Installation of Peragon takes two to three hours, whereas Bakflip simply requires 45 to an hour of your time. Additionally, Peragon’s 14 gauge aluminum panel gives improved customizing options that safeguard your cargo from theft. 

Retractable panels in the accordion design are available from Peragon, however, they take up more room when folded than Bakflip. A nearly full bed is accessible through Bakflip. Both allow customizability based on the brand, model, year, and bed length of your particular truck. 

Conclusion: Because both Peragon and Bakflip offer more extensive customization possibilities, the results are tied. However, Bakflip prevails when comparing installation difficulty.

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2. What is the Peragon Tonneau Cover?

A tough and adaptable truck bed cover made to protect and secure your pickup is the Peragon Tonneau Cover. It is renowned for both its superior build quality and distinctive folding style.

The Peragon Tonneau Cover is made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum that is both sturdy and durable. Even in the most severe weather, this material guarantees life and toughness. The lid is additionally made to be low profile, giving your truck a streamlined appearance.

Peragon Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover
Peragon Truck Bed Tonneau Cover For Your Truck (Source: Internet)
  • Design

Although Peragon is known for its high quality, it’s vital to remember that the “best” brand for cargo coverings might change depending on the demands and preferences of each individual. Different brands might provide special features, materials, and designs that meet particular needs.

You should take into account variables like the following while choosing the best brand for the Peragon Tonneau visor or any tonneau visor:

Panels that fold: The case is made up of several interlocking aluminum panels that may be folded like an accordion. This design enables quick and simple access to the truck’s trunk thanks to the ability to split the lid into various pieces to fit various cargo sizes.

Lightweight aluminum construction: Aluminum case with light weight: The aluminum used to make this case is strong yet light. With no added weight to your truck, this design decision guarantees strength and durability.

Flat Mount Design: The Peragon Tonneau visor is made with a flat mount so that it can sit flush with the truck bed. The overall look of the vehicle is improved by the design’s sleek and integrated appearance.

Integrated latch system: The lid’s integrated latching system holds the panels firmly in place when the lid is closed. Because of the snug fit and security provided by this design, your cargo is shielded from the elements and possible theft.

Clamp Mounting: The Peragon Tonneau cap is designed for simple installation without drilling or significant alterations. The installation process is made simpler by the clamp mounting method that securely fastens the cover to the bed rail.

  • Brand

Even though Peragon is known for its high quality, it’s vital to remember that the “best” brand for cargo covers might change depending on the demands and tastes of each customer. Unique features, materials, and designs from several manufacturers may be available to meet certain needs.

When choosing the best brand for the Peragon Tonneau visor or any other tonneau visor, take into account things like:

Reviews and ratings from customers: Examining reviews and ratings from customers can reveal information about the opinions of other truck owners who have driven a particular brand or model of car.

Quality and Durability: To ensure the barrel lid’s lifespan and wear resistance, look for manufacturers who place a premium on premium components and craftsmanship.

Design and function: Think about the folding mechanisms, simple installation, security features, and vehicle model compatibility for your specific load when comparing the design and practical characteristics offered by various brands.

  • Price

In general, a person’s priorities and budget will determine whether a Peragon Tonneau Cover is seen as inexpensive or expensive. The Peragon Tonneau Cover’s pricing can change depending on the model, size, and any other features or accessories. However, compared to some other tonneau cover brands, Peragon Tonneau Covers often fall into the mid to high pricing range.

It is crucial to keep in mind that a tonneau visor’s price can vary depending on a variety of elements, including the brand’s reputation, the caliber of the materials used, the features of the design, and the practicality and longevity of the product as a whole. the visor’s body.

The Peragon Tonneau Cover is renowned for its revolutionary folding design, robust construction, and satisfied customers even though it may be thought of as considerably more expensive than some of the low-end or inexpensive solutions. row. The better quality and more advanced features that Peragon offers are typically reflected in the greater price.



  • Design: Peragon coverings have a folding construction that makes it simple to access the truck bed and, when closed, still offers protection.
  • Lightweight Construction: The aluminum construction of Peragon covers provides durability without adding a lot of extra weight to your truck.
  • Sleek Appearance: Your truck has a streamlined and integrated appearance thanks to the Peragon cover’s low-profile design.
  • Easy Installation: Peragon covers are installed using a clamp-on mechanism, which makes them reasonably simple to install without drilling or making any long-term changes.
  • Weather Resistance: Peragon covers often have weather-resistant elements like drain tubes and rubber seals to keep the truck bed dry and safe.
  • Limited Styles: Peragon’s primary product line is folding coverings, which could not suit every customer’s taste or cargo requirements.
  • Price: Buyers on a tight budget may want to take into account that Peragon covers’ mid- to high-range pricing.
  • Availability: The availability of Peragon covers may not be as good as that of some other well-known tonneau cover manufacturers.

3. What is the Bakflip Tonneau Cover?

Pickup truck owners are familiar with the BAKFlip Tonneau Cover brand, which enjoys a solid reputation in the tonneau cover industry. 

BAKFlip offers a variety of crate covers made to improve the safety, protection, and accessibility of your truck’s trunk. These covers are renowned for their many exceptional qualities, including versatility, durability, and functionality.

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover (Source: Internet)
  • Design

The BAKFlip Tonneau Covers may come in several designs depending on the truck and vehicle models, however, the following are some of its standard features and design elements:

Panel locking system: The BAKFlip Tonneau Cover features a dependable panel locking system. With this function, you may access the truck’s trunk with greater flexibility while still assuring the safety and protection of the cargo. You can also fasten the lid in several partially open or fully open settings.

Flat Mount Design: When closed, the BAKFlip covers are intended to sit flush against the truck bed rails. As a result, the appearance is more streamlined, which improves the vehicle’s overall appeal. Additionally, the flush-mount design lowers wind resistance and increases fuel efficiency.

Integrated Drainage: A lot of BAKFlip Tonneau Covers have drainage systems incorporated into them to effectively drain water out of the truck’s trunk. By doing this, you can prevent water from building up on the lid or the bed, keeping your products dry and safe even while it’s raining.

Custom-fit: Specifically tailored to fit particular truck types and models, BAKFlip offers cargo covers. As a result, your truck will fit perfectly and be completely seamless, maximizing functionality and giving it a polished appearance.

  • Brand

The barrel caps made by BAK Industries are known by the brand name “Bakflip”. Bak Industries is a well-known and dependable producer of crate lids, and their Bakflip product line is one of their most well-liked and highly regarded offerings.

The Bakflip Tonneau Cover should be purchased from BAK Industries. Crate covers made by them are known for being of the highest caliber, effective, long-lasting, and secure for your truck’s trunk.

It’s crucial to take into account the specific models and features provided by BAK Industries while looking at and comparing Bakflip Tonneau Covers. It’s crucial to consider your wants and preferences when selecting a Bakflip model because each one may have particular features and advantages that set it apart from the others.

  • Price

When compared to other brands of tonneau covers on the market, Bakflip Tonneau Covers are generally thought to be in the mid-to high-price bracket. However, prices can vary depending on several other criteria.

Although Bakflip Tonneau Covers may cost more upfront, they are renowned for their strength, usefulness, and construction quality. Bakflip Tonneau Covering purchases frequently offer long-term value and cargo and trunk protection for your truck.

It’s vital to keep in mind that pricing can change over time as well as depending on the exact store or online store where you bought the cover. You should verify with authorized merchants or go straight to the website of BAK Industries, the company that makes the Bakflip Tonneau Visor, for correct and up-to-date pricing information.

Additionally, Bakflip Tonneau Covers are typically seen as a sensible purchase when taking into account the long-term advantages and potential savings in terms of cargo protection, enhanced fuel efficiency, and increased security. for owners of trucks.



  • Versatile Designs: BAKFlip provides consumers with a selection of tonneau cover designs, including folding, rolling, and retractable covers, so they may select the one that best meets their needs.
  • Strong Build: BAKFlip covers are renowned for their durable construction and long lifespan.
  • Security Features: BAKFlip covers frequently have locking mechanisms and improved security features to safeguard your truck bed and cargo.
  • Widespread Availability: BAKFlip covers are widely offered by several merchants, both online and offline.
  • Customizable Features: BAKFlip provides a range of models and options, letting clients choose the features that best suit their needs.
  • Greater Weight: Some BAKFlip covers may be much heavier due to the materials used in manufacture, which may affect fuel economy.
  • Installation Difficulty: Depending on the model, BAKFlip covers could need more complicated installation techniques than Peragon covers.
  • Price: BAKFlip covers often have a mid- to high-price range, which may be a factor for customers on a tight budget.

4. The Ultimate Decision: Peragon Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover?

Your particular requirements and tastes will ultimately determine whether you choose the Peragon Tonneau Visor or the Bakflip Tonneau Visor. Both manufacturers provide premium barrel covers with distinctive features.

The Peragon Tonneau Cover can be a smart choice for you if you value a folding panel design and a sleek, low profile. The Peragon case is renowned for its lightweight aluminum structure, accordion-like folding panels, and bespoke fit. 

They allow for simple trunk access and securely seal to safeguard your cargo. A hassle-free setup is also provided by the Peragon case’s hassle-free installation procedure.

Your particular requirements and tastes will ultimately determine whether you choose the Peragon Tonneau Visor or the Bakflip Tonneau Visor. Both manufacturers provide premium barrel covers with distinctive features.

The Peragon Tonneau Cover can be a smart choice for you if you value a folding panel design and a sleek, low profile. The Peragon case is renowned for its lightweight aluminum structure, accordion-like folding panels, and bespoke fit. 

They allow for simple trunk access and securely seal to safeguard your cargo. A hassle-free setup is also provided by the Peragon case’s hassle-free installation procedure.

Following that, it’s crucial to take into account your unique needs, including design preferences, desired features, durability, and budget. 

You can make a well-informed choice by reading user reviews and contrasting samples of the two brands. Consider your wants and priorities while selecting the tarpaulin because what works well for one person may not be the perfect option for another.

5. FAQs

Q: Is BAKFlip MX4 Simple to Crack?

Yes, Bakflip MX4 can be readily opened up or altered. So, you should be aware of that security issue. For more security, be sure to acquire an additional locking system. 

Q: The Peragon tonneau cover’s waterproofness is how much?

The Peragon cover is easily opened and closed since it glides along a track, and it can be taken off in 30 seconds. A lock and key are also present on top of the Peragon cover as a theft deterrent. Aluminum is too light and thin to be used as flooring. Water can leak in around the borders, indicating that it is not waterproof.

Q: What country produces Peragon bed linens?

Every Peragon bed cover is made in our cutting-edge factory in Shell Lake, Wisconsin, and sent straight to you. We take great pride in what we do, and by making covers here, we can maintain quality while providing greater service without charging more.

Q: Should I leave my tonneau cover with heavy equipment on it?

The tonneau cover is the appropriate place for your bulky equipment, yes. The tonneau cover on your vehicle, however, risks damage if you leave it in this condition for an extended period. For thorough instructions on maintaining a tonneau cover, make sure to consult the owner’s manual.  

Q: Will BAKFlip survive a vehicle wash?

Of course, you can use the cover to drive through the car wash. Just be aware that the coverings are not completely waterproof and that there is a higher chance of getting water on the bed at a vehicle wash than there would be in other settings.

Q: Can Tonneau Covers Improve Gas Mileage?

Yes, a tonneau cover of 10% increases your fuel efficiency. A tonneau cover improves interior aerodynamics and, as a result, gas mileage by sealing the truck bed, which also lowers drag and wind resistance.

6. Conclusion

I think you can now easily grasp and distinguish between Peragon Tonneau Cover vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover based on the factors that were thoroughly covered above. Both the Peragon and Bakflip Tonneau Covers are top-notch tonneau cases with great features, but some important distinctions between them can influence your decision.

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