Gator Roll-Up Tonneau Covers Review: Should You Buy This?

Are you looking for a reliable way to protect your truck bed and its precious cargo from all kinds of weather conditions and damaging outdoor elements? Look no further than Gator Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

These top-of-the-line tonneau covers offer excellent protection, durability, convenience, and style. Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or simply need added security for your valuable items in the back of your vehicle, Gator Roll-Ups have everything you could ever want in a tonneau cover. Read on as we break down exactly why this product is worth investing in.

1. The Bottom Line of the review about Gator Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

Gator Roll-Up Tonneau Covers Review
Gator Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. (Source:

Key Features:

  • Durable vinyl material
  • Robust industrial-grade hook and loop fastening
  • Convenient trigger latch opening mechanism

Comparable Alternatives:

  • TruXedo TruXport
  • Tyger Auto T1
  • MaxMate Soft Roll-Up

What We Like:

  • Sturdy crossbar support
  • Unrestricted utilization of the entire truck bed
  • Resilient and pliable vinyl construction
  • Effective waterproofing

What We Don’t Like

  • Occasional challenges in achieving a perfectly flat roll
  • Limited bed security features

2. Gator Roll-Up Tonneau Covers Review

If you’re currently in the midst of selecting a tonneau cover, our initial suggestion is to explore our assessment of the finest roll-up tonneau covers.

2.1. Construction and Design

Name Level Top Made of Fitment Tension Control Made in USA Warranty Price

Gator SRX

Entry-level Vinyl Inside of Bed Rails Manual Yes Limited Lifetime (Structural)

10 Year (Tarp)


Gator SR2

Best soft roll-up Double-Coated

Heavy Duty Vinyl

Inside of Bed Rails Manual Yes 5 Year

Gator SR1

Better Commercial Marine-Grade


On Top of Bed Rails Automatic (Spring) Yes Check

Gator HR1

Best Hard Roll-Up Aluminum Slats

w/ Industrial Vinyl

Inside Bed Rails NA Yes 3 Year Check

The Gator lineup of soft tonneau covers shares a common foundation of heavy-duty vinyl construction. However, the composition and thickness of this vinyl vary across the four models discussed in this review. Below, we delve into these distinctions. In general, these covers snugly envelop the truck bed using strips of industrial-grade hook and loop fasteners, effectively creating a waterproof seal.

Starting with the Gator SRX, it is crafted from commercial-grade vinyl and positions itself approximately ¾ of an inch above the bed while sealing above the bed rails. The vinyl surface boasts a subtle textured grain finish. Supporting the cover are three crossbars that contribute both tension and stability to maintain a flat appearance. This model is accompanied by a one-year warranty.

Expanding upon the SRX design, the Gator SR1 employs a thicker marine-grade vinyl with the same textured finish. The sole difference lies in its enhanced durability. Moreover, it comes with a five-year warranty.

Progressing further, the Gator SR2 takes an additional step. The cover is constructed from double-coated heavy-duty vinyl, attaching to the interior of the bed rails. Additionally, an integrated tension adjuster bolt near the front of the cab ensures a precise fit. Similar to the SR1, it is supported by a five-year warranty.

Lastly, we present the Gator HR1. Distinct from the others, the HR1 exhibits characteristics of both a soft and hard tonneau cover. It replaces crossbars with rows of bonded aluminum slats on the industrial vinyl surface. A three-year warranty accompanies this model.

2.2. Features

Within the array of Gator tonneau cover options, feature sets remain relatively modest across the board. However, this is not their primary selling point. Emphasis is placed on the design’s elegance and its inherent simplicity. Nonetheless, there are a couple of noteworthy features worth highlighting.

Gator Roll-Up Tonneau Covers Review

In all models except the HR1, trigger latches are situated at the rear of the cover. Engaging these triggers effortlessly opens the cover with a simple pull. Conversely, the HR1 incorporates a cable latch concealed beneath the rear lip, providing comparable functionality. Notably, these mechanisms are only accessible when the tailgate is open; otherwise, the cover remains securely closed.

Once the cover is rolled up, it is firmly fastened at the front of the bed through a pair of hook straps, permitting unobstructed access to the bed’s contents. This configuration ensures safe driving while the hooks remain engaged. The HR1 operates similarly, albeit using buckles instead of hooks.

2.3. Installation Process

Assembling the Gator covers and fitting them onto your truck bed presents one of the simplest tasks you’ll encounter when dealing with roll-up tonneau covers. Gator anticipates that the installation should require no more than an hour, and we found this estimate to be quite generous. If you’re accustomed to routine household assembly, placing any of these covers should pose no significant challenge.

The installation process primarily entails positioning the rails, securing the header bar in place, and fastening everything down using a ½-inch wrench or socket. Following these steps, you’re essentially all set to go.

2.4. Usage

If you’re seeking a tonneau cover that grants you unrestricted access to your entire truck bed whenever you need it, a soft roll-up cover is typically a reliable choice. All five of these Gator models offer this convenience with remarkable ease – simply release, roll, and you’re on your way.

One significant benefit provided by Gator covers is their ability to shield your truck bed from varying weather conditions. When properly sealed along the bed rails, you’ll discover that your bed remains dry, without the leakage issues often encountered with alternative tonneau cover types. This advantage also eliminates the need for drain tubes.

Nevertheless, there are a few aspects to consider with Gator covers. Notably, managing the positioning of the crossbars during the unrolling process is key. If they aren’t correctly aligned along the bed rails, the cover might not latch securely in place. This scenario can be quite frustrating, particularly when time is of the essence.

Despite the strong weather protection, it’s worth noting that moisture can accumulate on the cover’s surface. Consequently, if the cover is wet and you require access, you’re faced with the choice of either crawling into the bed or rolling the cover back, potentially resulting in a mess.

Security has its limits with Gator covers, as is the case with most soft covers. The cover cannot be opened when the tailgate is closed, but the vinyl material can only provide a certain level of protection for the items within your bed. The Gator HR1 outperforms in this regard due to its aluminum slats, offering heightened security.

Lastly, there’s the matter of weight capacity. Gator covers aren’t designed for stacking heavy items (though this might not be your intention anyway). They are engineered to endure rain or a layer of snow, but not much more. However, the Gator HR1 stands as an exception, boasting a cargo capacity of up to 400 pounds.

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3. FAQs

Q: Is Gator considered a reputable brand for tonneau covers?

The top-notch products in this category are characterized by effortless installation, utilization of premium materials, and exceptional durability. The Gator EFX fulfills all these criteria and outshines its competitors in terms of affordability, making it the epitome of value when it comes to tonneau covers in its class.

Q: Is it safe to take a Gator tonneau cover through a carwash?

Tonneau covers with multiple components, such as hinges, are not as durable as hard-top tonneaus. While these types of covers should hold up fine in a touchless car wash, it is advisable to exercise caution when taking your rolling, folding, or retractable tonneau cover through a car wash that utilizes brushes.

Q: Do Gator bed covers provide waterproof protection?

Numerous models are available in the market that offer excellent water resistance, including popular options like the BAKFlip MX4, Gator SFX Tri-Fold, RetraxPro MX, and TruXedo TruXport. These models have proven their reliability and durability, making them a top choice for those seeking optimal protection against water.

Q: Can Gator covers be locked?

The Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold features robust aluminum panels that securely lock into place when closed, ensuring durability and peace of mind.

Q: Is there any difference between retrax and GatorTrax?

While the RetraxPRO and GatorTrax MX tonneau covers are distinct products, they share numerous benefits. Both covers are proudly made in the USA, with variations in finish type and warranties. Our comprehensive comparison will assist you in determining the ideal cover that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Q: What is the maximum weight capacity of the GatorTrax tonneau cover?

Introducing the GatorTrax MX Commercial Grade Truck Bed Cover. Crafted with durable aluminum slats, this cover can evenly support up to 500 lbs. Experience the perfect blend of strength and practicality for your truck.

Q: What are the best methods to maintain the rich black color of a tonneau cover?

Regularly cleaning and sealing your tonneau cover is key to maintaining its pristine appearance and prolonging its lifespan. When selecting products, avoid those that contain cheap fillers or silicones. While oil and water-based silicones may provide a quick restoration, their usage can actually accelerate the aging process of your cover, leading to premature deterioration.

Q: What is the level of water resistance provided by the Retrax bed cover?

While every attempt has been made to ensure the Retrax is weathertight, it is important to note that it is not completely waterproof. It is advised to exercise caution during severe weather conditions or when going through a car wash to prevent any potential damage to your belongings. Please be mindful that water might accumulate on the cover, so it is recommended to remove any water before opening it.

4. Conclusion

When it comes to opting for one of Gator’s roll-up tonneau covers, the decisive factors boil down to pricing and security, as most other aspects are inherently evident. All of these covers offer user-friendly functionality and effective protection for your truck bed and its contents against various weather conditions. 

The distinguishing factors primarily revolve around the durability of the vinyl or, in the instance of the Gator HR1, the presence of aluminum slats. Regardless of your choice, we firmly regard Gator tonneau covers as an excellent investment.

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