Because of all the wonderful applications it provides for consumers, a tonneau cover plate is a necessary pickup addition. Tonneau hats, however, come in a wide variety of styles and brands, all at affordable rates, on the market today.

To determine which is the better choice for your needs, we’re comparing two well-liked BAK Industries premium folding hard tonneau cases: the BAKFLIP MX4 VS F1.

1. The main differences between BAKFlip MX4 and BAKFlip F1 

Both the BAKFlip MX4 and BAKFlip F1 are premium hard folding tonneau covers made to protect the goods in a pickup truck bed, so they have a lot in common. 

  • Functionality: Both covers are made to be simple to operate and to fold up rapidly to provide complete access to the truck bed.
  • Compatibility: The two covers can be used with a variety of pickup vehicle types and bed sizes.
  • Warranty: The warranties provided with both covers cover any concerns with craftsmanship and manufacturing.

Nevertheless, the covers of BAKFlip MX4 and BAKFlip F1 have several notable differences.

  • Material: When compared to the BAKFlip F1, which is made of FRP, panels with a high-gloss finish, the BAKFlip MX4 is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum panels with a matte surface. Because of this, the MX4 is stronger and more resistant to dents and scratches, although the F1 is a little bit lighter.
  • Weather resistance: To more effectively stop water from entering the truck’s trunk, the MX4 has built-in drains that route water out of the trunk. Although the F1’s water management system is also effective, it could not be as effective as the MX4’s.
  • Security: Each lid’s locking mechanism is distinct. In comparison to the F1, the MX4 has a more sophisticated locking system with a latch that can be locked in numerous locations along the bed rail.
  • Price: Last but not least, because it is made of higher-quality materials and finishes, the BAKFlip F1 is typically more expensive than the MX4.
The main differences between BAKFlip MX4 and BAKFlip F1 (Source: Internet)

`The table below lists the key parallels and divergences between Bakflip MX4 and F1.

MX4 vs F1 




Hard folding

Hard folding

Top surface






Weight capacity

400 lbs

400 lbs

Dual-action tailgate






Folding panels



Visible 3rd brake light when open



Dent and scratch resistance




3 years

3 years

2. What is BAKFlip MX4?

The BAKFlip MX4 is a popular hard folding tonneau cover designed to provide security, durability, and functionality for pickup truck owners. It is manufactured by BAK Industries, a renowned brand in the tonneau cover industry.

The MX4 features robust construction with heavy-duty aluminum panels. Long-lasting durability is ensured by these panels’ resistance to dents, scratches, and UV ray damage. The cover is also equipped with a matte black finish that adds a sleek and stylish look to the truck.

What is BAKFlip MX4?
BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover (Source: Internet)
  • Design

The BAKFlip MX4 tri-fold truck bed cover is renowned for its durable construction and chic appearance. The BAKFlip MX4’s primary design elements are listed below.

Flat Mount: Because they are flush with the truck bed rails when the lid is closed, the folding panels provide a streamlined appearance. The flat fit enhances the truck’s overall appearance while reducing wind resistance.

Matte coating: The MX4’s casing has a premium matte finish applied. This not only improves the trendy style but also provides UV protection, delays fading, and guarantees a timeless appearance.

Folding mechanism: The lid is often made up of three or four folding parts, depending on the size of the truck’s trunk. With this tri-fold design, you have several alternatives for managing your baggage while still having quick access to the truck’s trunk.

Weather-resistant: The BAKFlip MX4 is designed to survive the weather. By integrating drainage and sealing, these panels protect the truck’s trunk from the elements and keep it dry.

Panel Construction: Heavy-duty aluminum panels that are lightweight and durable are used in the construction of the MX4. These panels’ ability to withstand dents and scratches offers long-lasting durability.

  • Brand

The “best” brand for the BAKFlip MX4 can vary depending on personal preferences and requirements, even though BAK Industries is famous for its commitment to quality and innovation. 

In the truck bed cover market, additional well-known names include TruXedo, Extang, Retrax, and UnderCover. These brands also provide a selection of truck bed cover substitutes, each with unique features and designs.

Consider factors like product quality, user feedback, warranty coverage, customer service, and specific features that suit your needs when selecting the best brand for the BAKFlip MX4. 

It’s also crucial to only purchase from reputable merchants or authorized dealers to guarantee that you receive a genuine item and a decent warranty.

  • Price

The BAKFlip MX4 is generally regarded as a premium truck bed cover and is more expensive than other entry-level or more economical options on the market.

In comparison to comparable truck bed covers in its class, the BAKFlip MX4 frequently costs more. The type of truck, the size of the bed, and any additional features or modifications can all affect the price, so keep that in mind.

The BAKFlip MX4 is known for its strength, superb craftsmanship, and added features like weather resistance and security, even if it may initially cost more. Many truck owners who seek long-term performance and usefulness may be able to justify the higher cost with the help of these components, which boost the item’s overall value.



  • Security: Your vehicle bed is very well secured with the BakFlip MX4. It safeguards your cargo from theft thanks to its tough aluminum panels, which are challenging to breach.
  • Weather Resistance: With rubber seals and drain tubes, this cover’s weather-resistant construction will keep your truck bed dry and shield it from the elements.
  • Accessibility: The MX4 allows for partial or full bed access. It can be folded up in multiple sections, giving you the flexibility to access your truck bed as needed.
  • Slim Design: Your truck will look more streamlined thanks to the MX4’s low-profile design. It has an integrated look because it sits flush with the bed rails.
  • Installation: Some users have reported that the installation process can be a bit challenging and time-consuming, requiring drilling and adjustments to ensure a proper fit.
  • Weight: The MX4 is relatively heavy due to its aluminum construction. While this is a testament to its durability, it may require assistance during installation or removal.

3. What is BAKFlip F1?

A famous brand in the tonneau cover sector, BAK Industries, produces the BAKFlip F1, a high-end hard folding tonneau cover. Owners of pickup trucks will benefit from its remarkable durability, security, and weather protection.

The BAKFlip F1 is made with a top panel made of a high-strength fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), which makes it incredibly strong and resistant to knocks, scratches, and UV ray damage. 

The FRP panels offer durable performance in a variety of weather conditions since they are lightweight but strong. The price rise is justified by the fact that many vehicle owners want long-term performance and functionality.

What is BAKFlip F1?
BAK BAKFlip F1 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover (Source: Internet)
  • Design

Design: The BAKFlip F1 has a folding design that enables part-way access to the bed. It may be readily rolled up into several portions, giving access to the truck bed versatility. With this design, you may reach particular parts of the bed or move bulky objects without removing the entire cover.

Secure Locking Mechanism: To guarantee the security of your goods, the BAKFlip F1 is built with a secure locking mechanism. It includes automated latches that, when the lid is closed, lock it in place and offer a high level of security. You can feel secure knowing that nobody else can reach the items in your truck bed as a result.

Construction Materials: High-strength fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) panels are used in the construction of the BAKFlip F1 for its top surface. Exceptional durability and resistance to impacts, scratches, and UV deterioration are provided by this substance. Since the FRP panels are lightweight, handling and using the cover is made simpler.

Construction Materials: High-strength fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) panels are used in the construction of the BAKFlip F1 for its top surface. Exceptional durability and resistance to impacts, scratches, and UV deterioration are provided by this substance. Since the FRP panels are lightweight, handling and using the cover is made simpler.

Access to the Tailgate: When the cover is closed, the BAKFlip F1 offers complete tailgate access. The cover doesn’t need to be opened, making it convenient and simple to use to load and unload objects.

  • Brand

The manufacturer of this specific tonneau case, BAK Industries, stands out as the top brand for the BAKFlip F1.

In the tonneau cover market, BAK Industries is a well-known and trusted brand. They have a solid reputation for producing modern, high-quality truck bed covers. The following are some justifications for why BAK Industries is regarded as one of the top manufacturers of the BAKFlip F1:

Experience and Expertise: BAK Industries has a great deal of experience in the design and production of container lids because they have been in this industry for a very long time.

Quality: BAK Industries is renowned for its dedication to producing superior container coverings. They employ quality materials and strictly follow manufacturing guidelines to guarantee the dependability and endurance of their products.

Design Innovation: BAK Industries works hard to improve and innovate its goods. With characteristics like a low profile design, matte finish, folding mechanism, and safety locking system, BAKFlip F1 demonstrates its design genius.

Warranty protection: BAK Industries offers warranties for all of its tonneau cases, including the BAKFlip F1. Customers can rest easy knowing that the brand stands behind their purchase and will take care of any production flaws or issues that may occur thanks to this warranty.

  • Price

The BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover’s price might be viewed as being around the top end of the market’s price range. The BAKFlip F1 is a premium and top-notch tonneau cover that offers cutting-edge features, strong building materials, and exceptional performance, all of which contribute to its higher price point.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that each person’s budget and personal preferences can influence how expensive or inexpensive something is perceived to be. What is pricey for one person could fall into another person’s price range.

It’s important to take into account the BAKFlip F1’s features, durability, and level of protection for your truck bed and cargo while assessing its price. For those looking for a high-end, dependable tonneau cover, the BAKFlip F1’s quality and long-term benefits may make up for the larger initial outlay compared to some other tonneau covers on the market.



  • Durability: The BakFlip F1 is constructed with a fiberglass-reinforced polymer, making it extremely durable and resistant to impacts, scratches, and UV damage.
  • Weatherproof: The F1 offers superior weather protection with its advanced sealing system, keeping your truck bed dry and secure.
  • Lightweight: Compared to the MX4, the F1 is relatively lightweight, which can make installation and removal easier.
  • Low-Profile Design: Like the MX4, the F1 has a low-profile design that gives your truck a streamlined appearance.
  • Limited Folding Positions: Unlike the MX4, the F1 has fewer folding positions. It typically allows for partial bed access but may not provide as much versatility in terms of accessing the entire truck bed.
  • Price: If you have restricted finances, you might want to take into account the F1’s tendency to be more costly than the MX4 in comparison.

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4. The Ultimate Decision: BAKFlip F1 vs MX4?

Fundamentally, both types of vehicle coverings offer superb usefulness and aesthetics. They can hold about the same weight and are both very strong and durable.

However, if you are in an area where it frequently rains, you might wish to get the MX4 cover. Your cargo and truck bed will stay dry and safe thanks to its special construction, which can tolerate leaks. Due to its weight and resilience, the F1 may also be a more appropriate option if you require a truck bed cover for a vehicle that travels through rugged terrain.

5. FAQs

Q: What distinguishes the BAKFlip MX4 from the G2?

The G2 has an all-aluminum design, similar to the MX4, however, its aluminum panels only have standard-duty cores, not heavy-duty cores. Similar aluminum rails are utilized by the G2 as well, however in contrast to the matte appearance of the MX4, every component has a glossy black coating.

Q: What distinguishes the BAKFlip G2 from the F1?

Compared to the F1, the BAKFlip G2 is around $100 less expensive and is composed of aluminum. The F1 is constructed of fiberglass. The G2 can support 300 pounds of weight with equal distribution, but the F1 can support 400 pounds.

Q: What distinguishes BAKFlip MX4 from Fibermax?

The aluminum top panels on the MX4 are strong and resistant to corrosion. The best panels of the Fibermax are made of FRP, which resists scratches, dings, and scuffs. To hold up to 400 pounds of equally distributed weight, the MX4

Q: What are the BAKFlip F1 and MX4’s warranty periods?

For a 5-year limited warranty period starting from the retail date of purchase, BAK Industries guarantees that your BAKFlip F1 and MX4 hard folding truck bed cover will be structurally free from flaws in the material and workmanship.

Q: Can the BakFlip F1 and MX4 tonneau cover conserve fuel?

The BAKFlip MX4 and F1 tonneau covers can increase your truck’s aerodynamics, which can help you save on gas. Air can enter a pickup truck’s bed when traveling at highway speeds, increasing drag and decreasing fuel economy. 

By producing a flat surface that guides air over the truck, a tonneau cover installation can aid in reducing this drag and increase fuel economy. The actual fuel savings will vary depending on your truck’s make and model, the road’s conditions, and your driving style.

It’s crucial to remember that the fuel savings from a tonneau cover will probably be most apparent at highway speeds, as this is when air resistance affects fuel efficiency the greatest. 

Q: Should I always have my BakFlip F1 tonneau cover on?

If you’d like, you may always leave your BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover on. Your demands and tastes will determine whether you leave your BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover on all the time or periodically take it off. 

The best security and protection can be achieved by keeping the cover on all the time if you routinely transport merchandise in your truck bed. The cover may need to be temporarily removed if you occasionally need to transport tall or large things.

Q: How is a BAKFlip MX4 cleaned?

You can follow these instructions to clean a BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover effectively:

  • To get rid of any loose dirt or debris, rinse the lid with water.
  • In a bucket of water, combine a mild soap solution. Use a mild soap that won’t corrode aluminum or hurt painted surfaces.
  • Start at one end of the cover and work your way to the other after dipping a soft-bristled brush or sponge into the soapy water.
  • The cover should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water to remove all soap residue.
  • Dry the cover with a brand-new microfiber towel or let it air dry.
  • To assist prevent fading and cracking, you can spray on a vinyl protectant or UV protectant once the cover has dried.

Q: Are you able to stand on the BakFlip MX4 and F1?

Walking or standing on the BAKFlip MX4 or F1 tonneau coverings is not advised. These covers are not made to sustain a person’s weight; rather, they are made to protect the goods in the pickup truck bed.

Standing or moving around on the cover may harm its panels, hinges, or locking mechanisms, compromising its ability to safeguard your contents. Standing on the cover may also result in dents or scratches, which can shorten the cover’s lifespan and detract from its aesthetic appeal.

Q: Can you operate your car while BAKFlip F1 is up?

Driving is not suggested while the BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover is open or upright. The cover is intended to be utilized in its folded and closed configuration, which protects your cargo and improves the overall aerodynamics of your truck.

Q: How can I restore the original color of my BakFlip F1 tonneau cover?

Your BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover’s black paint may fade or turn discolored with time due to exposure to sunshine and the environment. To restore the black finish, follow these instructions:

  • Clear the cover: The cover should be cleaned by gently scrubbing it with a solution of mild soap and water using a soft-bristled brush or sponge. After cleaning, rinse the cover with fresh water, and let it thoroughly dry.
  • Apply a vinyl protectant: Apply a vinyl protectant to help restore the black surface after the cover has been cleaned and allowed to dry.
  • Use a black dye: If the vinyl protectant does not successfully restore the black finish, you can also try using a black dye made especially for vinyl or other materials like it. 

6. Conclusion

In light of the aspects that were in-depth discussed above, I believe you can easily understand and distinguish between BAKFLIP MX4 VS F1 now. Both the BAKFlip MX4 and F1 are high-end folding hard tonneau cases made by BAK Industries, but they have some key differences that could help you determine which one to pick.

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