BAKFLIP MX4 VS BAKFlip G2: The Detailed Comparison

Tonneau covers are a well-liked and useful pickup truck accessory that offers much-needed protection for the stuff inside the bed. However, there are innumerable variations of tonneau covers available, and even more, companies are vying to be the best. 

We’re comparing two well-liked hard-folding tonneau covers from BAK Industries: BAKFLip MX4 VS BAKFlip G2 against one another in this comparison to see which is best for your demands.

The main differences between BAKFlip MX4 and BAKFlip G2

Both BAKFlip MX4 and BAKFlip G2 are manufactured by BAK Industries. (source: Internet)

Although they share features in common, there are still some significant differences between them. These differences are listed below:

Aspect BAKFlip MX4 BAKFlip G2
Construction/ Durability All-aluminum construction with impact-resistant panels and heavy-duty cores. All-aluminum construction with standard-duty cores.
Security Cut-resistant panels, auto-latching rails, slam latch with tailgate lock. Cut-resistant panels, auto-latching rails, slam latch.
Installation/ Usability Clamp-on installation with no specialty tools required. Intuitive folding design for easy bed access. Clamp-on installation with no specialty tools required. Folding design for bed access with tailgate closure before latching.
Weight Rating Supports up to 400 lbs. (evenly distributed). Supports up to 300 lbs. (evenly distributed).
Finish Matte black coating on aluminum components. Glossy black coating on aluminum components.
Tailgate Seal Dual-action tailgate seal for easy opening/closing without unlatching. Standard overlapping rear seal, requiring tailgate closure before latching.
Warranty Typically comes with a 3-5 year warranty. Usually comes with a 2-3 year warranty.


The BAKFlip MX4 boasts high durability with an all-aluminum construction. Its impact-resistant aluminum panels are supported by heavy-duty cores and rigid aluminum side rails. To enhance aesthetics and corrosion resistance, all raw aluminum components are coated with a sleek, matte black finish. EPDM rubber seals are strategically placed at the bed rail, bulkhead, and tailgate, while EPDM rubber hinges enable the cover to pivot forward smoothly without adding bulk.

The BAKFlip G2 shares a similar all-aluminum construction with the MX4 but has a few differences. While it also features aluminum panels, the G2’s panels come with standard-duty cores instead of heavy-duty cores. The G2’s aluminum rails are coated with a glossy black finish compared to the MX4’s matte finish.

Additionally, the G2 uses EPDM rubber seals on all four sides to keep dirt and moisture out.


The BAKFlip MX4 excels in security with its cut-resistant panels, auto-latching rails, and a convenient slam latch that automatically locks when closed. When combined with a locked tailgate, breaking into the bed becomes nearly impossible.

The BAKFlip G2 offers nearly identical security features to the MX4, including aluminum panels, auto-latching rails, and a slam latch.


BAKFlip MX4:

The BAKFlip MX4 provides a simple and rapid clamp-on installation process that requires no specialty tools or modifications. Most applications can be completed within an hour using conventional hand tools.

For usability, the MX4 is straightforward and intuitive. When bed access is needed, simply pull the cover’s release cables to disengage the latches and fold the cover towards the bulkhead. The last panel can be secured horizontally with integrated nylon straps or folded against the rear glass, with the help of integrated prop rods to keep it upright.

The MX4 stands out from the G2 with its dual-action tailgate seal, allowing you to open and close the tailgate without unlatching the cover. Moreover, the MX4’s heavy-duty alloy panels can support up to 400 lbs. (evenly distributed), 100 lbs. more than the G2.

BAKFlip G2:

The BAKFlip G2 offers a nearly identical installation experience to the MX4 with its modification-free clamp-on rails, and most applications can be completed within an hour using conventional hand tools.

For usability, the G2 features a fold-up design that allows for quick and easy bed access. However, it utilizes a standard, overlapping rear seal, requiring the tailgate to be closed before latching the cover. While not a significant inconvenience, it differs from the MX4’s dual-action tailgate seal.

As mentioned earlier, the G2 also has a lower weight rating due to its standard-duty core, supporting up to 300 lbs. (evenly distributed) compared to the MX4’s 400 lbs.

Let’s compare the weight rating, finish, tailgate seal, and warranty of the BAKFlip MX4 and G2 tonneau covers:

Weight Rating:

The MX4 tonneau cover has a higher weight rating compared to the G2. It can support up to 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight on top of the cover.

The G2 tonneau cover has a slightly lower weight rating than the MX4. It can support up to 300 lbs. of evenly distributed weight on top of the cover.


The MX4 features a sleek, matte black coating on all its raw aluminum components. This finish not only enhances aesthetics but also provides corrosion resistance, ensuring a lasting appearance.

The G2 tonneau cover comes with a glossy black coating on its aluminum components, giving it a different appearance compared to the MX4’s matte finish.

Tailgate Seal:

The MX4 boasts a dual-action tailgate seal, which allows you to open and close the tailgate without the need to unlatch the cover. This design provides added convenience during bed access.

The G2 utilizes a standard, overlapping rear seal. This means that the tailgate needs to be closed before latching the cover, which is not as convenient as the MX4’s dual-action tailgate seal.


The MX4 tonneau cover typically comes with a warranty, which may vary depending on the manufacturer and the place of purchase. The standard warranty period is usually around 3-5 years.

Like the MX4, the G2 also usually comes with a warranty, and the duration of the warranty may differ based on the manufacturer and retailer. The standard warranty period is generally around 2-3 years.

What is BAKFlip MX4?

BAKFlip MX4 is a hard-folding truck bed cover specially made for pickup trucks. It is a well-known solution among truck owners who wish to keep their truck bed accessible and simple to use while still shielding the cargo within from the outdoors.

The MX4 has a sleek, fashionable appearance thanks to the use of heavy-duty metal panels that have been finished in a matte black finish. With a high-density foam core that helps shield it from impacts and scratches, the cover is also made to be incredibly sturdy.

What is BAKFlip MX4?
BAKFlip MX4: 2019-2023 Ram 1500 5.7′ Bed W/ Ram Box (New Body Style) (Source: Internet)
  • Design

The BAKFlip MX4 tri-fold truck bed cover is renowned for its strong construction and stylish appearance. The BAKFlip MX4 has the following significant design elements.

Panel Construction: The MX4 is built with heavy-duty aluminum panels that are intended to be both lightweight and durable. Long-lasting durability is provided by these panels’ resistance to dents and scratches.

Folding mechanism: Depending on the size of the truck’s trunk, there are often three or four folding components that make up the lid. This tri-fold design gives you flexible cargo management options while allowing for simple access to the truck’s trunk.

Flat Mount: The folding panels have a streamlined appearance when the lid is closed because they are flush with the truck bed rails. The truck’s overall look is improved by the flat fit, which also lessens wind resistance.

Matte coating: A high-end matte coating is applied to the MX4 casing. This not only enhances the fashionable appearance but also offers UV protection and retards fading, ensuring a timeless appearance.

Weather-resistant: The BAKFlip MX4 is made to withstand the elements. The truck’s trunk is kept dry and shielded from the weather by these panels’ integrated seals and drainage.

  • Brand

Despite the fact that BAK Industries is renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the “best” brand for the BAKFlip MX4 can vary depending on personal preferences and requirements. 

Among other well-known brands in the truck bed cover industry are TruXedo, Extang, Retrax, and UnderCover. A variety of truck bed cover alternatives are also available from these brands, each with its own special attributes and styles.

When choosing the best brand for the BAKFlip MX4, it is advised to take into account aspects like product quality, consumer feedback, warranty coverage, customer service, and particular features that meet your needs. 

To ensure that you obtain a genuine product and a good warranty, it’s also essential to only buy from authorized dealers or respected shops.

  • Price

The BAKFlip MX4 is more costly than other of the entry-level or more affordable choices on the market and is generally regarded as a luxury truck bed cover.

The BAKFlip MX4 often costs more than competing truck bed covers in its class. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the cost can change according on the type of truck, the size of the bed, and any additional features or accessories.

Although the BAKFlip MX4 may be more expensive initially, it is renowned for its strength, fine craftsmanship, and extra features like weather resistance and security. These elements add to its total worth and can help many truck owners who seek long-term performance and functionality justify the increased price.



  • It’s a gorgeous, substantial-looking hard folding cover.
  • This enables you to transfer substantial objects while leaving the bed cover on.
  • It has new latch housing parts for greater strength and durability and can be opened from either side.
  • Depending on your needs, you can close it while leaving the tailgate up or down.
  • Durable support rods that can be drawn open at any time without the use of any equipment keep the MX4 upright.
  • You can utilize all of the available space by pushing it straight up against the car. 
  • The third brake light is not blocked when the cover is folded upright and open, making it easier for you to move the cargo.
  • Inadequate packaging is common.
  • They claim that the cover has adhesive stains and scratches.
  • The locking mechanism’s primary component is made of less durable material.

What is BAKFlip G2?

Another well-liked truck bed cover product produced by BAK Industries is the BAKFlip G2. The BAKFlip G2 is regarded as a reliable and popular truck bed cover option, offering a balance of durability, functionality, and security.

What is BAKFlip G2?
BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 226330 | Fits 2017 – 2023 Ford (Source: Internet)
  • Design

BAKFlip G2 has a reputation for being useful and sturdy, much like the BAKFlip MX4. The BAKFlip G2’s salient characteristics are as follows:

Panel Construction: The BAKFlip G2 is constructed with robust aluminum panels. These panels offer long-lasting durability because they are made to be resistant to dents, scratches, and UV radiation.

Folding Mechanism: The G2 employs a tri-fold design with numerous folding pieces, just like the MX4. This design offers flexibility in managing freight while enabling simple access to the truck bed.

Flush Fit: The folding panels of the G2 have a flush fit when they are closed, giving the truck bed rails a streamlined appearance. In addition to improving the truck’s overall appearance, the flush fit aids in reducing wind drag.

Weather Resistance: The BAKFlip G2 is made to be weather resistant. It has built-in drain tubes and seals that keep the truck bed dry and shield it from the weather.

Features relating to security: The G2 lid has a safe latching mechanism that holds it shut when closed. The stuff inside the truck bed is better kept safe and secure. Integrated tailgate locks and other extra security features may be available on some models to provide a higher level of security.

  • Brand

BAK Industries produces the BAKFlip G2 truck bed cover type. The company BAK Industries is well known as a trustworthy and leading name in the truck bed cover market. They have a solid reputation for creating premium, long-lasting, and useful truck bed covers.

Although BAK Industries is regarded as one of the top manufacturers of truck bed covers, it’s vital to keep in mind that the “best” manufacturer of the BAKFlip G2 might vary depending on personal preferences and requirements. 

TruXedo, Extang, Retrax, and UnderCover are a few further well-known brands in the truck bed cover industry. These companies also provide a variety of truck bed cover options, each with its own special attributes and styles.

The ideal brand for the BAKFlip G2 will ultimately depend on personal preferences and priorities, therefore it’s critical to investigate and contrast several brands and their products before making a choice.

  • Price

The BAKFlip G2 frequently costs more than more affordable or simple truck bed covers because of its superior build quality, functionality, and features. Nevertheless, it costs a little less than the BAKFlip MX4. 

The BAKFlip G2 price may differ based on elements including the particular truck type, bed size, and any other accessories or features. To obtain precise and current pricing information, it is advised to consult the official BAK Industries website, accredited dealers, or reliable shops.

Weighing the price against the BAKFlip G2’s features, quality, and operation is crucial when deciding whether to purchase. Many truck owners believe that the cost of the cover is justified by the long-term advantages and value it offers in terms of durability, security, and privacy.



  • For a sleek, low-profile appearance, the G2 incorporates durable, solid-core metal panels that rest flat with the truck bed.
  • High-quality raw materials are used in the construction of the BAKFlip G2, and UV-resistant aluminum panels add an extra layer of security for the items you store in the truck bed.
  • The BAKFlip G2 is a reliable, adjustable truck bed covering if you need complete cargo access; if not, it also offers the best possible theft prevention.
  • With the G2, you have complete access to your truck’s bed without blocking the third brake light.
  • Simply fold the G2 cover when opening it when towing a heavy load, and then flip it back over the cab to close it.
  • The BAKFlip G2 has premium, original equipment perimeter seals added to signify effective, weather-resistant protection from the outside.
  • Strong propeller rods maintain the G2’s upright position so that users can transport heavy loads without removing the cover.
  • The cover and the tailgate cross over.
  • There is no internal lock mechanism in the cover.
  • Crossbars frequently fall apart.

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The Ultimate Decision: BAKFlip G2 vs MX4?

When comparing the BAKFlip MX4 and BAKFlip G2, it is clear that there are only very minor differences between them. So the decision to select one of these two is entirely up to the user. But if forced to choose a favorite, I’d vote for the MX4 cover.

Given the marginally superior benefits, even though it is more expensive than the G2, the additional expense can be justified. The MX4 is the one for you if you like a more matte appearance with a better guarantee and weight capacity on your cover. If none of these items are on your list, G2 will likewise operate without issue for you.


Q: How much weight can the Bakflip G2 tonneau cover support?

Rain cannot enter via the individual cover panels because of the waterproof barrier created by EPDM rubber seals. The performance and gas mileage of your truck are both enhanced by the aerodynamic design.

Q: What is the weight capacity of the Bakflip G2 tonneau cover?

You can keep your vehicle’s seamless appearance while still carrying up to 300 lbs with the BAKFlip G2 because it also lies flush to the truck bed for a no-profile appearance.

Q: Can you operate a vehicle while the BAKFlip MX4 is up?

The BAKFlip’s design includes the ability to drive with the device flipped up against the cab. You can drive with the cover open at safe highway speeds by locking the prop rods to keep them open on both sides.

Q: How should a BAKFlip MX4 be maintained?

A BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover should be cleaned by doing the following steps:

  • To get rid of any loose dirt or debris, rinse the lid with water.
  • Scrub the cover lightly with a soft-bristled brush and some mild soap or detergent.
  • Remove all soap residue from the cover by giving it a good water rinse.
  • Utilize a fresh, gentle cloth to dry the cover.

Because they can harm the finish of the cover, stay away from using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleansers. Use a cleaning made especially for vinyl or leather surfaces if the cover has any obstinate stains or markings. Use any specialist cleanser according to the manufacturer’s directions at all times.

Q: How has the BAKFlip MX4 been improved?

For a more modern appearance and feel, the BAKFlip MX4 incorporates new features such as clamps, elevator bolts, and cab corner caps with matte finishes. Additional MX4 features include safe prop rod clips and pre-molded, die-cut, shock-absorbing bumpers for improved functionality.

Q: What distinguishes the f1 from the MX4?

The MX4’s top surface is made of aluminum, whereas the F1’s is fiberglass. Due to fiberglass’s increased resistance to impact, scratches, and dents, F1 has a tendency to be more durable than MX4.

Q: What distinguishes BakFlip versions g2 and f1?

The BakFlip G2 is an economical, lightweight alternative that is simple to install, while the BakFlip F1 is a premium tonneau cover that is more robust and better suited for heavy-duty use. Your unique needs and financial constraints will determine the option you choose.

Q: BAKFlip MX4 water resistance levels?

Although the BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover is made to withstand heavy rain, it is not totally waterproof. In comparison to earlier models, the cover has a redesigned dual-action seal that offers improved protection against water intrusion. 

It is made to keep the majority of water out of the truck bed in most weather circumstances. It is crucial to keep in mind that the cover is not entirely waterproof or airtight, thus during periods of intense rain or other extreme weather, some moisture may still seep into the bed.

It is crucial to install the cover correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and to routinely check the cover and its seals for any signs of wear or damage to guarantee optimal water resistance. 

Q: Is the BAKFlip MX4 cover effective?

Many truck owners have given the BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover favorable ratings, making it a highly regarded and well-liked product. It is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a high-quality hard folding tonneau cover because of its reputation for durability, usability, and safe locking system.

Q: What is the BAKFlip MX4’s warranty period?

BAK Industries offers a 5-year limited warranty on the BAKFlip MX4 that covers any manufacturing or material flaws under regular usage and operation. The warranty is non-transferable and commences on the day of purchase.


In conclusion, I hope you can clearly comprehend and differentiate between BAKFLIP MX4 VS G2 using the features that were described in depth above. Both the BAKFlip MX4 and G2 are premium folding hard tonneau cases produced by BAK Industries, but they have some significant distinctions that may help you decide which one to choose.

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