BAKFLIP MX4 VS BAKFlip G2: The Detailed Comparison

Tonneau covers are a well-liked and useful pickup truck accessory that offers much-needed protection for the stuff inside the bed. However, there are innumerable variations of tonneau covers available, and even more, companies are vying to be the best.  We’re comparing two well-liked hard-folding tonneau covers from BAK Industries: BAKFLip MX4 VS BAKFlip G2 against … Read more

6+ Common Retrax Bed Cover Problems & Solutions from Auto Experts

Retrax is a beloved choice among truck bed owners, cherished for its exceptional performance and unwavering durability. Despite its ability to withstand harsh use, various weather conditions, and heavy loads, certain issues with the Retrax bed cover may arise over time. While it’s challenging to completely avoid these difficulties, it’s essential to understand how these … Read more

Best Tonneau Covers for Ram 1500 | The Comprehensive Review by Auto Experts

RAM 1500 – a famous long-lasting pick-up truck in America over the last decade is a favorite choice for all sorts of drivers. These modern pick-up trucks not only offer excellent pulling and hauling abilities but also provide a convenient driving experience with good fuel economy and innovative technology.  One of the must-have items for … Read more